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The Story Behind the Animation “How the Covid-dragon Disappears”

Adults aren’t the only ones experiencing stress, anxiety, and fear since the worldwide outbreak of Coronavirus. One of the ripple effects of the pandemic can also be observed in children. With many institutions temporarily closing down and the changes in the way we live every day, kids feel unsettled as they’re looking for a sense of safety, security, and stability. 

As a parent, it’s a normal reaction to feel worried when your child begins to show heightened anxiety during this time. But there are helpful ways and tools to help your little one cope with their covid-related anxiety. 

Accompanying this article is a short animation entitled “How the Covid-dragon Disappears”. This film is an excellent film you can let your little one watch to help them find comfort in these trying times. 

The animation was conceptualized by Joey Jones and his team two months ago when they found themselves suddenly shifting to working from home due to the coronavirus threat. As creatives and artists, they decided to create a short story which they made into a short film. They started playing with the idea of a “bored kid in his house who’s trying to make sense of this strange new world. The short quickly evolved into a love letter for those on the front lines, and then into a metaphorical tale about this boy’s hero in shining armor: his mom.”

The entire animation only took them 5 weeks to complete despite the challenges of not being able to work together, producing the film in a studio. They had to settle for video conferences, emails, and tons of chat threads while trying to put the video together. Not to mention trying to juggle this project and their individual client workload as well as handling the pressure to get the video out in the world ASAP.

Thanks to the hard work of Joey and his team, they were able to get the wonderful piece finished the way they wanted it with the hope of sharing comfort in young kids in the midst of these trying times, as well as “honoring the essential workers who’ve been our knights the past few months.”

Lastly, they are hoping that this animated film inspires people to find out more about Direct Relief’s efforts to support health workers. 

Enjoy the movie!

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