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Senior from Dixie High School Purchases an Old School Bus, Giving Away Donations to a Mexican Village

No one is too young to make a difference. This is exactly what Dylan Ence teaches all of us.

Dylan is a senior from Dixie High School who decided to buy an old school bus, bus no.65, and used it to help the Mexican village of Patamban Michoacan. He filled it with supplies and equipment which he plans to donate to the local schools in the village.

Dylan was a freshman when he first visited this village with his family. During that trip, he witnessed the poverty and struggle of the people, especially the children who had to sleep at their local school as their houses are miles away from the school. This way, they didn’t have to trek really far every day just to attend classes. 

This memory lingered with Dylan for a long time and he knew he had to do something to help. This inspired him to buy the school bus from a local Minnesota Auction. 

“I had heard of groups that have donated them, so I was like, ‘Well, why can’t I do that myself?’” he said. “Shoot for something big, and maybe we can make a change,” he shared with St. George News

Before Dylan came to purchase this bus, he spent the last four years collecting school supplies, backpacks and even clothes to give to the students in Patamban Michoacan. His goal is to fill this bus with enough supplies before he and his family drive down to the Mexican village in December. 

“It’s been a long project of small donations,” he said. “Then, finally, it just jumped to a bigger one.”

They are planning this visit to the village on December 20. And because it’s 1,700 miles away from where they live, it will take them about three days to travel from St. George to the village.

According to the Good News Network, Dylan also set up a donation page, supportful.com/dylansschoolbus,  which aims to collect $5000. As of today, he has raised about $3700 and counting. 

Currently, he is taking care of the paperwork required by his school and city officials to get him ready for crossing the border into Mexico.

Dylan might still be a very young man but it’s amazing how big of a heart he has for those who are in need. He didn’t turn a blind eye to the reality he saw four years ago during his first visit. He did something about it because he knew in his heart that he could help.

There will always be people who need more help than we do and it isn’t always about material things, not always about the money. At the end of the day, what matters is how we turn situations into opportunities to help others and spread kindness. 

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