Community Positive News

*River Haven is a community of 23 tiny homes in a dry riverbed – with solar panels, a shower pod, and two communal sinks

But the key to River Haven’s success isn’t Porta Potties or phone charging stations. It’s John, the case worker who works tirelessly to make River Haven thrive.

He’s a social worker, referee, advocate, and handyman. And an ex-felon.

Today John has a fiancé, several pets, and a master’s degree in clinical psychology. How did he do it? His mother never stopped believing in him and eventually helped him turn things around.*

Now John is doing the same for the residents of River Haven. For the people living there, it’s more than just transitional housing – it’s home. They have pets, cultivate gardens, and celebrate the holidays together.

At River Haven, if you’re not around, you’ll be missed. And that makes all the difference.

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