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Man from Washington Made Valentines Special to Military Wives and Single Women

Valentine’s Day, though not only for lovers, is a day dedicated for celebrating love and affection. It is often celebrated by people by giving gifts, presenting flowers and taking out their special someone and loved ones on fancy dates. And while all lovers in the world are busy keeping up with the tradition, some celebrate Valentine’s Day alone. Thanks to a man named Seth Stewart, Valentine’s Day never has to be a lonely day for military wives and single women.

Seth Stewart, a 29-year-old man from Washington, has made it an annual tradition to hand out roses to military wives, widows, and single women on February 14. 

According to The Good News Network, this has started 8 years ago when Stewart together with one of his brothers decided to give out two dozens of roses to their friends who are single on Valentine’s Day. Their local community then found their act kind and generous so they started receiving requests until it became an annual tradition. 

They acknowledged the idea and Stewart hired a group of drivers to give away the flowers to women who lost their husbands and those whose spouses are in the military who are deployed overseas. He keeps a list of these women all over the Spokane, Washington area and delivers roses to them every year. He also makes sure the list is updated with new names of women who need a little cheer on February 14 in the weeks leading up to the holiday. 

Stewart says that they have been handing out about 400 to 500 free roses on an average every year. But this year, they have delivered 700 roses to women around the area. He also said that requests used to come in through email or text but now they have a Facebook page, Rose Rush, to accommodate requests. 

“Some of the stories are so touching,” Stewart shares with CNN

“Every single year we do this, there are always one or two women who break down sobbing because it means so much to them,” he added.

“One of our deliveries this year was a widow,” Stewart told GNN. “Her husband passed a few years ago. We were instructed to sign the card from her late Husband: ‘Happy Valentine’s day. I love you. –Floyd’.

Stewart believes that this yearly tradition has been an extremely powerful way to make some people feel that they aren’t alone. They may not have someone with them physically, but at least, somehow they’d feel that are special and remembered.

This yearly tradition by Stewart is really an amazing way to celebrate and spread love, especially to those who need it more. He teaches us that Valentine’s isn’t only for lovers and romantic love. It’s all about all the different kinds of love which are definitely worth celebrating. 

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