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Labrador Retriever Helps Owner Clean Up Beaches by Picking Up Trash

It’s no secret that environmental pollution is getting immensely out of hand. With the alarming effects of human behavior on the environment, something needs to be done. Thanks to Molly, a labrador retriever from Scarborough, North Yorkshire, a good example has been set for what we can do to help counter the problem of environmental pollution.

Humans are largely responsible for what is happening to the environment.  Molly is doing her part to help address pollution by participating in clean-up efforts and other initiatives. Molly is owned by Fliss Cater, who moved into the area to open her bath and skincare business. It didn’t take long before Cater noticed the unbelievable amounts of trash left along the coastline of a nearby beach.

According to the Good News Network, Molly was only a puppy when her owner noticed how she loved picking up pieces of trash and play with them like toys. “I’ve had Molly since she was just nine weeks old and she’s always loved picking up plastic bottles,” says Cater. “Labradors are quite inquisitive and energetic, so I was lucky that she immediately had a knack for it.

“We’ll pick up hundreds of items every single day, and I’ve had to upgrade from small bags to massive bin liners,” she added. “She loves it so much, she doesn’t ask for treats when she finds something. All she wants is a ‘Good girl Molly!’ and she’s a happy dog.”

Molly was trained by Cater to avoid collecting things that could harm her, such as needles or other sharp objects. Some of the things she usually collects include plastic bottles, discarded toys and ropes. Because collecting trash has become a habit for Cater and Molly, they’ve switched from using small trash bags to large bin bags. The best thing about it? Molly doesn’t even expect any treats. She’s simply happy with a “Good girl, Molly!”

It wasn’t long before Molly became a sensation. Beach-goers couldn’t help but admire the dedication this furry companion shows in helping to clean up the beach.Cater was also blown away by how her beloved pup became an instant celebrity. “We get stopped all the time by people who think it’s adorable that she’s cleaning. She gets so much attention and she loves it, she knows she’s a bit of a star.” Shareably reported. 

More than anything else, Cater and Molly have been on this mission to simply get into the spotlight. They are here with high hopes to inspire people to get involved in these simple initiatives… or at least make people think twice before carelessly disposing of their litter around the beaches.  Fortunately, these two won’t stop until the beach is completely clean.

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