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Colorado Symphony Performs “Ode to Joy” despite Social Distancing

The Coronavirus pandemic brought the world shock and anxiety when it started hitting countries one by one, making people sick and taking thousands of lives. Today, we continue to watch it go through its course and sadly, there’s not much we can do to control it. We can only do our best to prevent it and one way, according to the experts, is to follow social distancing and self-quarantine.

All over the world, people live in various levels of quarantine, and it’s hard. This is a difficult time because life just isn’t the same without personal connection. We can’t go out and do things like we normally would.

But we need to adapt to the changes and make the necessary adjustments. After all, life must go on. And this is exactly what what The Colorado Symphony has proven to the world. 

There’s no stopping The Colorado Symphony in playing great music and sharing positivity as they performed Beethhoven’s “Ode to Joy despite social distancing. The group recorded their separate parts in the music from various locations and rolled them into one amazingly beautiful piece. The outcome is the sound of a full symphony orchestra. 

According to the group’s official website, Colorado Symphony, Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony  “is an ode to humanity, to peace over desperation, and, of course, to joy.” Beethoven had long wanted to set the poem by Friedrich Schiller to music but found it hard to come up with an excellent mode of expression.

It premiered in Vienna in May 1824 and since then, the Ninth Symphony has been played during important events and places such as the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games. It also surfaced during an occasion in Tiananmen Square in Beijing. Its hopeful message also came in handy in the wake of the September 2011 attacks.

“Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony is an ode to humanity, to peace over desperation, to universal kinship and, of course, to joy. We hope that this small tribute stands as a reminder that community is powerful and together, despite the anxiety and separation, we will come back stronger than before.” The Colorado Symphony posted on its YouTube account

Because of the current Coronavirus scare, gatherings of more than 10 people are strongly discouraged. Therefore, Colorado Symphony has had to postpone its scheduled performances through May 11, CPR Classical reported. However, when all of this is over, the group is looking forward to resuming their performance and share their masterpiece at Red Rocks Amphitheater on July 26. 

In the meantime, we can all enjoy their wonderful rendition of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony in this link.

Things may have changed significantly and we may be going through a tough time but it doesn’t mean there’s no silver lining. There’s still light behind the darkness. We can find it and share it in every way we can.

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