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Coca Cola and Pepsi Breaking Ties with Pro Plastics Lobbying Associations

As the world population continues to grow, so does the amount of garbage and pollution we produce. There’s no hiding it. Plastic pollution is one of the biggest issues the world faces and it has been creating a negative impact on the environment. Plastics are incredibly useful, especially for people with an on-the-go lifestyle. But since they’re made from toxic compounds, they pose harm to animals and cause illnesses in humans. Thus, the global campaign against single-use plastics. So, how does this affect big companies which are using plastics in their products?

Coca Cola and Pepsi are two industry giants who have been using plastic bottles for their drinks. The good news is they are now transitioning away from single-use plastics by breaking ties with the Plastics Industry Association who want to make plastic bans illegal.

According to CNN Business, the plastic lobbying group is working with the American Progressive Bag Alliance to prohibit plastic bans across the country. Because the two industry leaders are trying to veer away from single-use plastics and are making efforts to increase the use of recycled plastics, they’ve decided to step away from the association. Otherwise, it would hamper their goal to help find solutions to end plastic pollution.

“Companies understand that they cannot publicly say they want to end plastic pollution, while financially supporting an association that lobbies for our continued reliance on throwaway plastics,” Greenpeace USA Oceans Campaign Director John Hocevar shared with Good News Network

“This is a victory for every person that spoke up and asked Coca-Cola and PepsiCo to put their money where their mouths are and tell the Plastics Industry Association to stop preventing plastic reduction efforts,” he added.

Also, Coca Cola said in a statement last week that the association does not share the same commitment and goals they do. This, then, encouraged them to make the decision of leaving the group earlier this year. Pepsi, on the other hand, decided to join the association only to learn more about innovation because it aims to “achieve a circular economy for plastics.” They made it clear that they are not actively participating in the advocacy work of the Plastics Industry Association and that their membership will end this year.

Cutting ties with the plastic association is a good sign that even industry giants share the same goal to ultimately end plastic pollution. Indeed, it’s good to know that while we all worry about how plastics take a toll on human health and the environment as a whole, companies like Coca Cola and Pepsi are going above and beyond to find a solution. 

Well, we don’t have to be industry giants to be able to do something about global issues like plastic pollution. Even in little ways, we can reduce the use of single-use plastic and increase recycling. Imagine how big of an impact that would make if every one of us does something to achieve this goal.

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