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They say that every cloud has a silver lining. Most news outlets these days always focus on the negative aspects of a situation, but Global Positive News Network always makes it a mission to seek out the positive side of a story as well. Contact us today to learn how you can join us in our quest for a brighter, happier future.


Positive News

At Global Positive News Network, we are dedicated to helping you exorcise the negative influences from your life so you can enjoy each day to its fullest. We feature positive news stories and current events from both national and local sources that are sure to put a smile on your face. Be sure to visit us frequently to read our heart-warming health, sports, technology, and travel stories.

Health Resources

One of the primary components of a happy existence is good health. We offer a range of helpful resources to help you keep your body in tune with your mind at all times. Our health resources will help you improve your overall health through the use of yoga, meditation, exercise, and healthy dieting. Improving your life through positive thinking can improve your connections to the people around you as well.


Our Goals

At Global Positive New Network, our main mission is to provide you with a trustworthy news resource that focuses on the positives in life rather than the negatives. With our informative news resources, you will be able to maintain a positive and optimistic way of thinking at all times. Contact us today for additional advice and resources.

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GPNN Story and Inspiration

It became apparent to me years ago that most people view the world as a negative, scary place. Most people get their information from the main media networks. The media’s mindset for marketing is “What bleeds, leads”. Financially that has been a good call, however, the world is changing and people are tired of hearing about the latest war, terrorist attack, murder, etc. as the front lead into a news program. In fact, most people I talk to about the news say they don’t watch main media news on television or read newspapers at all because it’s too depressing. So, I decided to create Global Positive News Network to offer a refreshing and inspiring approach to news.

While driving around in my car one day listening to the regular negative news I tried to find a more inspirational news station. I quickly found out that there isn’t one. Then I thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice to change the channel from regular news to a news channel that reported positive news and events happening throughout the world?” Having the option to find a different news station on the radio, television or internet would be like changing the channel from rock n’ roll to classical. Heck, the world of music offers several types of music, why couldn’t that be the case for news?

To further that point, my aging parents were growing more and more depressed. All my step father would talk about is the latest catastrophic event and that the world is ending. And no wonder they both felt that way . . . they have the news on constantly in two rooms of their house playing loudly during their waking hours. They have been clinically depressed now for years and still insist in watching hours upon hours of main media news. It is my belief that people of this generation (depression generation) feels it’s their duty to be good citizens by being informed about the world news. Unfortunately, the negativity of the news creates fear, mistrust and isolation among regular viewers.

There has to be another way.

I started Global Positive News Network on a dime and a prayer. Knowing very little about technology or computers I struggled for months that grew into years on developing a website and products to sell on the Global Positive News Network (GPNN). I would start and stop my progress out of frustration. But I didn’t quit. And it’s now GPNN starting to get traction. To date GPNN’s Instagram has 75.4k viewers. My persistence and belief in my product along with happy viewers has spurred me on.

It has been clinically proven that whatever you focus on becomes your reality. I believe GPNN can change people’s lives by showing them that there are really good things happening in the world. Our tag line, Positive News with Purpose, points that out. Our purpose is to inspire, educate and help people feel more at ease in the world.